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What is GRACE-full Running?

The GRACE-full acronym represents a simple, yet powerful, set of 5 principles that encapsulate the art of running. In combination, these transformational elements will create a greater awareness of how your body is designed to move thus allowing you to tap into sources of ‘free energy’ that will propel you to faster and injury-free running.

Not just for running; apply the 5 principles in other areas of health to nurture a GRACE-full way of life

Click on the words below to learn how:

Visit our GRACE-full Girls page to learn about how we develop these qualities through our online well-being programme for aspiring athletes.

Who is Becky Lyne

Former professional athlete, trying to lead a GRACE-full life whilst helping others to do the same.


“After many years running, I’d become a bit of a “plodder”. Becky’s running form tips helped put the spring back in my step. By concentrating on running form not effort, I took 8 minutes off my 10k and ran PBs for 5k. Magic!”

“My wife who came on your course is overjoyed with her running and has had 2 parkrun PBs in a row (first ones for years), and one for the Longshaw Trust 10!”
Dr.Ben Heller

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