Are you making the most of your running? Be proactive about maximising your running efficiency and decreasing your injury risk… 

Runners of all levels are invited to access powerful insights into their techniques and movement patterns using our unique and innovative joint detection software. Learn how to execute optimal form using information from the cutting edge of sports biomechanics and physiotherapy that will not only help you to run faster, but also to get and stay injury-free. You are in expert hands with the coaching eye of former international middle-distance athlete Becky Lyne and her team of highly experienced sports physiotherapists.

Get a bespoke online technique analysis or physio screen with your personalised action plan for transforming your form from just £67

1 x Technique Analysis


1 x Physio Screen


1 x Technique Analysis & 1 x Physio Screen


3 x Technique Analyses OR Physio Screens


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Here’s what you’ll get:

Technique Analyses:

“I can’t believe I run like that!” is a common comment I receive upon sharing a video analysis. A simple film taken on your mobile phone can reveal so much. It is the most powerful starting point for honing your technique as we guide you through the steps (literally and metaphorically!) to align your body with the way it is designed to move.

What you’ll get:

  • A GRACE-full Score using our very own innovative joint-detection software*, revealing your key areas to work on.
  • Slow motion video analysis and a side-by-side comparison with good form to visually programme technique changes
  • Detailed voice-over analysis and summary bullet points from our highly experienced team of running specialist physios
  • Suggestions for next steps and how to implement changes
  • Optional discounted follow-up to powerfully track your progress through changes in your GRACE-full Scores

Physio Screens:

As much as it would be great for the tweaks to your running technique to eliminate the tweaks in your muscles and joints, sometimes a greater degree of expert intervention is required. Our physio screens will help to identify and address any ingrained tightnesses, weaknesses or imbalances that, unbeknownst to you, are predisposing you to niggles and injuries.

What you’ll get:

    Detailed joint detection analyses of your movements, highlighting where you fall short of recommended ranges of motion.

  • Strength tests to accurately expose weaknesses and imbalances
  • Voice-over video analysis from our highly qualified and experienced sports physios, talking you through the findings and explaining their impact
  • Written report with embedded videos of your bespoke rehab/prehab programme
  • Optional discounted follow-up live consultation via zoom to delve more deeply into your results.

*GRACE-full Software developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sports Engineering Research

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  • How to Run GRACE-fully Guide takes you through the steps that I teach on my running technique workshops and applies the acronym specifically to the biomechanics we as humans are designed to operate with. This is the acronym that has allowed me to get back running injury-free and enjoying the feel of the movement more than ever.
  • Body Maintenance Guide gives detailed instructions of powerful stretches and releases that will empower you to look after your body. We encourage athletes to do these exercises whilst participating in our personal optimisation seminars
  • Becky’s 4 Favourite (Quirky) Stretches/Releases shortcuts you to some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ she picked up in her time as an elite athlete to help keep her in one piece. Maybe they will match some of your quirks? But if not they’ll inspire you to solve yours.
  • GRACE-full Running Drills contains a detailed run through of drills that will both help you to gain a feel for the GRACE-full Running Principles, but also to embed them into your movements. Great as a warm-up… or on the dancefloor!

Example videos to submit

Technique Analyses:

For a full analysis, please provide a side, front and back view. Whilst we accept footage from a static camera, we tend to find that if you can be filmed by someone on a bike, this allows for a more accurate analysis. 


  • Make sure the whole body is in shot, but not too small. Usually a distance of 3-5m from phone permits this. Our software prefers landscape orientation – thanks! 🙂
  • Make sure no one else is in the shot (otherwise our software gets confused!)
  • Keep camera as still/smooth as possible. Using a tripod will help.
  • Run on a hard, smooth, flat surface
  • Run ‘normally’ at a pace you would over your preferred race distance.
  • Endeavor to find good lighting. Tapping on your phone screen often automatically adjusts the brightness
  • Wear clothing that fits snuggly against your body and contrasts to the colour of your background
  • Make sure you’re square on and central to the camera for the front and back views.
  • If filming statically, doing a run up from behind the camera to in front helps provide good footage for the back view. Only swerving around the camera at the last second helps with the front view. 

Physio Screens:

Exercise checklist:

  • Standing forward bend: front, side R, back, side L
  • Squat facing forward, side R, back, side L
  • Single leg dip x 5 reps  R and L,
  • Calf raise single leg knee straight to fatigue
  • Double leg bounce 30s
  • Single leg hop x 10 reps R and L
  • Hamstring straight leg raise stretch
  • Ankle flexibility stretch R and L (submit measurement in video/email).


See running filming tips, plus:

  • If you are filming yourself, doing it in selfie-mode will help make sure your whole body is in shot. 
  • Aim to set your camera up around torso height (except for the ankle flexibility stretch)
  • Filming all exercises through in one go helps our video editor. Thanks! 

How to submit them

After purchase, videos can be sent via WhatsApp to +447855943236 or emailed to If you prefer email and the file is too large to attach, please either upload them to cloud storage and share a link or use (preferred as it preserves the quality of the footage the best). Please make sure you provide your name and the email address used when purchasing your service when submitting. Many thanks!

Charities supported

10% of all profits will be lovingly donated to the following incredible charities run by fellow (friend!) athletes

Love Mercy Foundation

Empowering communities in northern Uganda to overcome poverty sustainably.


Working with donors, partners, & advocates to Save Empower African Kids Lives & Empowering Women through highly cost effective , scale-able proven methods.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation

Giving kids in Kenya a chance

Join a GRACE-full Movement!
Becky Lyne
Becky has been a runner for over 30 years. 10 years of that was spent as an international 800m athlete… and the subsequent 6 years as an injured one! But it was an invaluable 6 years in which she learned so much about how the human body is designed to move. Her love of science (as evidenced by First Class Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the world-renowned Loughborough University) coupled with her love experimenting with movement (as evidenced by her recent addiction to salsa dancing!) combined in a epiphanic moment to create the GRACE-full System. Encapsulating all her biomechanical, kinaesthetic and psychological knowledge, it is the system that has helped to get her recover from her injuries and run consistently pain-free. She now uses the system to help hundreds of others do the same and enjoy running even more.
Guy Titman
Guy is a chartered Physiotherapist and Musculoskeletal Ultrasonographer BSc (Hons) PG (cert) MCSP, HCPC, AACP, which translates to ‘an excellent, excellent physio’! A former rugby player, his passion lies in sports therapy, in particular early diagnosis and injury prevention. He has experience working at an international level with England and Great Britain Australian Rules Football and currently works with Sheffield Rugby Club as the lead physiotherapist. He has completed masters level work in acupuncture, diagnostic ultrasound, movement analysis and manual therapy. He has a specialist interest in movement analysis and functional movement and enjoys running and biking in the Peak District.
Jenny Sharpe
Jenny began her physiotherapy career in the NHS before branching out to pursue her interest in sport and movement by completing a masters degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine. Jenny worked in clinics across London, assessing and treating runners and amateur athletes, helping them to recover from injury, as well as improving their movement technique and strength. On completion of her masters she returned to Sheffield where she continues to enjoy treating runners as well as running the trails herself.


introduces you to a powerful set of simple principles that teach you how to move as humans are designed to. Not only will you benefit from faster, injury-free running, but the mindset shift it instils will help you to enjoy your running even more: both the natural feel and flow, plus that buzz us runners crave!

Running can sometimes be a thing of fear to those unacquainted (or to those returning from injury). But it really doesn’t need to be that way. The GRACE-full System provides a way to make running accessible to all. It puts the person, not the pace, at the heart. Which paradoxically frees people to run faster!

But we all know that running is far more than just about times. Done well, it can be a cure-all for physical and mental health issues. As Eliud Kipchoge gracefully said at the end of his sub 2hr marathon:

“We need to make this world a running world. Then it will be a beautiful world.”

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, the GRACE-full System will ensure your future progress is along the right bearing, providing all you need to know about how we as humans are designed to move.


Our unique and innovative joint detection GRACE-full Software™, developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University, allows us to accurately quantify your movements, generating a GRACE-full Score. Using powerful visuals together with concrete angle measures, you can clearly see where your main areas of improvement can be achieved. Follow-up analyses allow us to track improvements in the efficiency and freedom of your movements, moulding you into robust and flowing athletes.

For Technique Analyses:

The GRACE-full Running Score has been created using data from analyses of hundreds of runners to generate parameters that attribute a mark of 1-3 for how you fair in each of the G-R-A-C-E elements as follows:

G: position of hips relative to feet upon foot contact

R: cadence

A: side on: straightness of line from head to hips to feet; front on: hip and shoulder alignment relative to trunk position

C: symmetry of foot trajectory

E: expression of tension carried reflected in arm carriage and head position

GRACE-full Software developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sports Engineering Research

For Physio Screens:

Here the video analysis and software readings provide feedback on:

  • Joint range of motion
  • Movement symmetry
  • Strength levels

Comparing your joint angle readings from the GRACE-full Software to those established recommendations in the scientific literature will provide a measure of how you fare in key exercises that support healthy running movements.

Whilst the Scores provides succinct and powerful scientific feedback, it is by no means the only element of the analysis. The art of the analysis which brings the score to life in bespoke and practical terms is provided in the verbal feedback and written summary in your report.

Here’s What A Few Of Our #GRACE-lets Are Saying…

** Individual’s experiences shown here are not typical. Their experiences are their opinion and are an example of those who have found satisfaction with our product. They do not represent a guarantee of success. Your experiences may vary. These individuals have not received compensation for their statements.
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Frequently Asked
Questions & Answers

If I buy the bundle of 3, can I do a mixture of technique analyses and physio screen?

Indeed! Just mix it up in which ever way suits you best. Just send us whichever videos you want analysing and we’ll keep track of how many credits you have.

How long should I leave it before doing a follow-up?

It will take 2-4 of weeks for you to start noticing changes in your form and 6-8 weeks until new movement patterns are ingrained into your technique. We therefore recommend a follow up around 2-4 weeks to ensure the changes you are making are beneficial. If left for more than a month you may start falling back into old habits.

Do I have to be a good runner?

What is good?! But no. Our mission at GR is to make running accessible to all! The principles we teach are grounded in science and based on the universal blueprint for how humans are designed to move. Once the feel is embedded, they evolve in line with your evolution as a runner.

Do you provide any regular on-going support and guidance to embed the GRACE-full Principles?

Our future plans include offering weekly online running-specific strength and conditioning and body maintenance sessions. You will hear about those first via our newsletter. In the meantime, it is, of course, possible to book follow-ups to track your improvements 😊

How quickly will I see results?

Straight away…potentially! Experience has taught us that people vary greatly in their ability to feel for movements. But there are certainly simple elements that people can implement with immediate benefits. Running really is an art, so once you have your reports, we encourage you to go away and ‘play’ with your technique. It will take time to embed new movement patterns such that they become second nature, but it is a very worthy investment.

What if I keep getting injured?

Don’t lose faith! You should first of all congratulate yourself for taking very positive steps to addressing your injuries. They will pay dividends, but if you still struggling with niggles in the meantime, it’s just that we’re still revealing the whole picture. For any residual issues lingering, we will do our very best in our reports and in all the latest insights and information we share on the internet to help you to address them.

What is the youngest age you can get an analysis?

Around 8. But of course it depends on the maturity of the child. From experience we find that from this age they are able to appreciate the principles we teach and respond to feedback. It’s especially powerful at this age for them to receive visual feedback. Indeed the earlier a runner can be taught the principles that better to avoid embedding bad habits! Runners younger than 8 would still really benefit from watching and trying to copy good form. 

Do you offer training programmes?

Not yet! But watch this space…! Again, we will announce any developments first in our newsletter.