GRACE-full Girls

Grace-full Girls

I come alive with admiration and hope when I see young athletes striving to better themselves. With so many distractions and easy routes for our youth to fall foul of these days, I love it when I see them bucking the trend and I am passionate about trying to use my experience to help them stay the course – and to enjoy it!
Despite the fact I reached the heights of being voted Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year, I often think that I succeeded in spite of myself. Of course I did a lot of things right, but I also made sooo many mistakes and wasted sooo much time and energy with inefficiencies. Plus, I could have enjoyed the process so much more!

This course is the course that I wish I could have attended back when I was a teenager. It pulls together all the useful science and anecdotes from my 15-year international athletics career, shortcutting you to the good stuff and bypassing the blunders.

But it’s not just about the athletics. In fact, better athletics performances are a by-product of learning to move and live more GRACE-fully. Whilst there is much sport-specific coaching and advice, ultimately the course is about nurturing character and wisdom to create a more solid platform for sustained success and happiness in life.

If you’d like to be part of this amazing group of ‘GRACE-lets’, we offer two package options and actively encourage parents to participate in the sessions.

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Coached online conditioning session
Active recovery session recording
Weekly personal optimisation webinar
Monthly group mentoring session



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Monthly One-to-one mentoring
Monthly Online physio screen
Technique analysis



Or £150 £100/month

Please note that receipts will come from our parent company TrYumph in Life CIC. Many thanks. 

20% of all profits go to supporting young up and coming female athletes in Kenya coached by my great friend (and former rival!) Ex-World 800m Champion Janeth Jepkosgei.

Our brochure contains information on all the topics that we will cover to guide you towards optimising physical, nutritional and mental health. – Click Here

Watch our video of the model we have developed to teach the well-being concepts covered in the course – Click Here