GRACE-full Girls’ parents Testimonials

“Becky’s sessions build the whole athlete from running with confidence to eating healthily and why, to coping with setbacks and injury. More important than that, the sessions are fun with core workouts and a chance to share experiences with others.”
Jeanette Shipley

“Becky’s sessions complement the ‘standard’ training sessions perfectly. Becky’s caring nature and willingness to go the extra mile have helped my daughter immeasurably, this has been particularly in evidence during lockdown – it is something she looks forward to every week (both during and pre lockdown).”
Karen Davies

“We have found Becky’s sessions very interesting and full of useful advice. As our daughter develops we feel that she will need more of this type of coaching and mentioning and Becky has the knowledge to assist in this. Highly recommended!”

“The sessions are incredibly important for female athletes’ health and fitness and perfectly complement and support their other training. “

“You may have guessed I was describing Alice. We have both found the sessions highly motivating and educational. To be given insights into technique/ form and conditioning as well as words of wisdom from an ex GB 🇬🇧 athlete is priceless, and we look forward to carrying this on, particularly as Alice’s body continues to develop 😊 x”
Mandy Tolley

“Becky’s sessions are measured and totally athlete focused. Both my daughters have benefited from and thoroughly enjoyed one to one and groups sessions with Becky. Becky’s sessions are informative, fun, educational and professionally delivered to the highest standard.”

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